Why Holland Fest is the best!


Holland Fest is fun for the entire family. An alcohol free festival ensures that kids of all ages can safely enjoy the unique traditions of this unique festival. If you’re Dutch, you’re family. If you’re not Dutch, you are today!


You’ll fall in love with Cedar Grove, Wisconsin. This friendly small town just off the shore of Lake Michigan is loaded with friendly Dutchmen (and “Dutchmen-for-a-day!”) ready to welcome you and show you a great time. Oh, and because we’re dutch, most of the stuff is free!


We’ve got something for everyone! Great food. Great Music. Games. Food. Shows. Delft. Wooden shoe races. Klompen Dancing. Street sweeping. Delft. Food. A parade. Dutch costumes. A 5K/10K Walk/Run. Raffle Prizes. A car show. Did we mention food?

Cedar Grove, WI was formed when survivors of the Phoenix disaster washed up on Amsterdam beach in 1845. These Dutch immigrants founded Cedar Grove, Wisconsin four years later in 1849. The descendants of these founders wanted to find a way to celebrate their Dutch heritage. The Holland Festival was born. The party included Dutch costumes, Dutch food, Klompen dancing, street sweeping, music, and a parade down Main Street. Now, more than 70 years of celebration later, these beloved Dutch traditions are alive and well. We annually welcome a diverse crowd of thousands to our small town the last Friday/Saturday weekend of July. People from around the world come to join in on the fun. In fact, we quadruple our town’s population during these two days every July! Come and celebrate with us this year; we can’t wait to say, “Welkom!”

Holland Fest Events

All event are FREE! Events are subject to change.

Barely Balanced Performance

Friday, July 28 from 4:30-5pm

Barely Balanced is a comedy, acrobatics and knife show all in one!

The Car and Motorcycle Show

Saturday, July 29 at 9am

The Car and Motorcycle show will be on the lawn area behind the Library.


Saturday, July 29 at 1pm

Main street events - Street scrubbing, Klompen dancing and parade

5th Quarter Wisconsin Marching Band Performance

Saturday, July 29 after the parade

The UW Band - Performing their famous 5th Quarter in Memorial Park

2017 Holland Fest Run/Walk

Saturday, July 29 at 8:30am

Two mile run/walk and 10K run at Independence Park

Friday Night Final Raffle

Friday, July 28 at 9:15pm

Grand Prize Drawing

Wooden Shoe Race

Friday, July 28 at 3pm

Festival Opening - Street scrubbers prepare Van Altena Avenue for the Klompen dancers - Followed by the Wooden shoe races

Musical Performances

Friday and Saturday, July 28 & 29

Midwest Dueling Pianos, Vintage Mix (Quartet), Crossfire (Country Rock Band)

Art Fair on the Green

Saturday, July 29 from 9-5pm

Adjacent to the park between the park and the Library. Contact Jenna DeRuyter (414) 651-9650 hollandfestartfair@hotmail.com for vendor information. 75 art and craft vendors from throughout the Midwest.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Holland Festival is about about fun! Here are some frequently asked questions about this event.
Olie Bollen

Olie Bollen

What am I eating?

This Olie Bollen is insanely good! Fried dough with a sugar coat. Fresh made. Yup- it’s that good. Try ‘em with raisins for Dutch bonus points.

What Food is Available?

There are many options at Holland Fest.

From Ollie Bollen to American hot dogs.

Where can I park?

Click the icon to download the map

Click the picture above to download the the parking map. You can also park (legally) on any Cedar Grove street that doesn’t have the “No Parking”/event signs up.

What about special needs/wheelchairs?

What about special needs/wheelchairs?

Accessibility for everyone

Our main park festivities are handicap accessible.

What are the raffle ticket rules?

What are the raffle ticket rules?

Buy it for a buck.

Raffles occur all day on the hour. If you’re not there before the final drawing, your prize goes back up for grabs until someone in person claims it. For the grand prizes, you do not need to be in attendance. Pro tip: the earlier you buy, the better your odds!

Do wooden shoes hurt to wear?

Do wooden shoes hurt to wear?

If they do, you’re doing it wrong.

A lot of these costumed Dutchies are wearing sponges or padding between their socks and the wood to ensure a comfy fit.

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